Fiesta de Vida

DJ Gracia y paz 1-22-17
January 20, we met with senior pastors of approximately 17 churches in Zihuatanejo and the surrounding region, to share our idea with them for a city-wide outreach, a “Fiesta de Vida!” 100% of the pastors and their spouses enthusiastically agreed to participate, and we began the planning. Each pastor signed on to lead or participate on a committee. The dates of the Fiesta were settled on for Friday & Saturday, November 24 & 25th, 2017.

“Fiesta de Vida!” will be a city-wide family-oriented festival with face painting, games and bouncy castles for the kids, food booths, prayer teams and counselors mingling amongst the crowds to provide one-on-one prayer and encouragement, and a stage to provide Christian entertainment: Songs and skits from Bible stories for children, dance teams, rap for the youth and praise and worship. Interspersed throughout will be personal testimonies of God’s love and power, concluding with a Gospel message!

This will be the first event of its type in this region of over 100,000 people. The timing is significant - as we reconnected with our friends and leaders in Zihuatanejo, we heard their stories about increasing violence by rival drug cartels, with battles in the street, carjackings, extortion and kidnappings. We believe that a community event of this type will be a tremendous encouragement to families, overcoming fear and instilling hope!

Fiesta de Vida Planning - We are returning to Zihuatanejo April 26-30 to meet with the pastors and continue the planning. They have already begun the work, with additional pastors and churches becoming involved. Our friend and translator Cristian Cruz (a local pastor and youth leader), has already secured the stadium and soccer fields at Unidad Deportiva for the event dates. Next week he will accompany the President of the Pastors Alliance to take our letter about the event to the Mayor of Zihuatanejo!

We have been ministering and building relationships with pastors and leaders in Zihuatanejo for 13 years, and we treasure their confidence and trust. We know all of them have been directly impacted by the drug cartel wars. They wholeheartedly serve their congregations and the city at great personal risk.

We and the Pastors of Zihuatanejo are stepping out in faith with this project, and we invite you to
join with Overcomers International to sponsor this citywide event with a one-time or monthly pledge. Please partner with us and the churches of Zihuatanejo to reach their communities. Your prayers and donations will help us spread the Gospel that brings hope, not fear and life, not death!

You can make your donations via paypal or credit card at, or mail to the address below. Thank you and God bless you!!!

Rev. David & Debbie Jacobs
PO Box 12546, Austin, TX 78711 / Tel: +1 737-484-1732

Photos above: Pastors planning Fiesta de Vida committees, & David ministering at Gracia y Paz church in Zihuatanejo